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KIDDISH_OC_MusicWhy is this music Program Different from all other Music Programs? The answer to this question does not in any way, shape or form concern a speedy departure from slavery, and therefore does not require any matzoh whatsoever (a relief for many of us still feeling the effects of 8 days of it). Rather, the answer is that the music training at South Coast Conservatory, unlike other music schools, imparts a musical tradition handed down from the great pianists of the 19th Century, with love for the tradition and for the children who study it.
My love for music came from my late father Coleman Blumfield, a phenomenal pianist and the favorite student of the legendary Vladimir Horowitz. My earliest memories are of listening to my father rehearse at home and, occasionally going on tour with him. My father’s passion and love for music were so powerful that I have followed in his footsteps. I took a slight detour to become an attorney and an advocate for artists and have returned to the concert stage and teaching, hoping to impart to children what I was so fortunate to acquire.

My dream recently has become a reality at South Coast Conservatory. South Coast Conservatory (voted Orange County’s favorite dance school) is conveniently located off the 5 Freeway in Laguna Niguel, offers a unique environment where children and adults can study dance, musical theater, acting and now piano on a beautiful 7-foot Steinway grand piano (which belonged to my father).

I am often asked the minimum age a child can begin musical training. The answer is no minimum age is required. The only requirement is that the child have an interest for music. Moreover, many studies have conclusively established that the development of cognitive and relationship areas of the brain are enhanced by exposure to music lessons at an early age.

In joining the team at South Coast Conservatory I am reminded of the following lyrics written by E.Y. Harburg: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow Skies are Blue and the Dreams that you Dream Really do Come True…..”

I hope to make children’s dreams come true right here in Orange County, California. For more information please call (949) 215-4725 or email darrinablumfield@yahoo.com.

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