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One Serves the Poor, One provides the Score

0115kershawOne Serves the Poor, One provides the Score –We can’t wait for more.

Orange County, CA— Two fellas from Orange County are pushing a big vision. Local boys Fraser Kershaw and Brent Kuzle are both part of a groundbreaking film that literally changes deathly water into clean water. Fraser Kershaw is the protagonist in the film that takes the viewers on a wild ride through rural villages helping people gain access to clean water. Our very own Brent Kutzle is part of One Republic’s Grammy Award winning ensemble, and he is laying down the score for the film.

National Geographic’s Doug Clevenger unflinchingly directs, while Hollywood’s Oscar winning Gray Frederickson (Godfather, The Outsiders) pushes the efforts with Emmy award winning Greg Mellott (Jackie Chan, Dream no little Dream) on the production side. We think all their efforts are most eye-catching and appealing collectively living out the hero lifestyle as a team.

Sawyer Filters out of Florida is teaming up with this multi-talented team to help with their efforts. With this much love and action going around we can’t help but get excited for our Orange County boys to come through.

Kershaw says, “It’s exciting to watch so many talented and creative people come together on behalf of 1 billion people who are lacking clean water.”

A movie that actually gives people clean water is a success alone, let alone in the awards category. Few things compare to beautiful Orange County, California and the experience of watching a film following Fraser Kershaw through the jungle as One Republic’s Brent Kutzle lays down the music adds to the gritty landscapes and daily obstacle to gain access to clean water. Kutzle says, “This was the first time I had been approached to do anything like this and seeing some of the rough footage was beyond enough to say yes. I hadn’t talked to Fraser in years and he briefly mentioned it to me in passing one day. Doing a project like this is the best way to reconnect with an old college peer.” Orange County is hopeful for this film to reach the world and we hope it sparks a change.

Catch a glimpse right here: http://www.behindthewater.com



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  1. I hope this movie helps so many people. I love what they are doing for others. I will take my family to see this because my kids don’t know what we went through to get here to this country. I hope this will be in the Santa Ana Theater.

  2. I love these 2! They have such great hearts and I think this is a mission worth fighting for. How can I support this and watch the movie??!

  3. This is my kind of movement! How can I support them? #$#R$!! I would love to do what they are doing. So Impressed 🙂

  4. These guys are both HOT! I will take either one. Good hearted men ARE NOT easily found anymore and If I was dating either one of these guys I would not let em go! CALL ME! 310-284-7832

  5. Hello Jlife,

    First off, I want to say how impressive this is to humanity. I want to join these guys on the adventures to help people. I love it! How can I become involved in this? Is there a link for the movie? I can’t wait!


    Sharon Willard

  6. I’m in love with this project. I just looked these guys up and they are so talented! Looking forward to seeing their journey helping people that need it most.



  7. I would love to produce a movie like this one day. As soon as my family is out of the house. I’m doing something like this for sure. Life is way to short.
    Can’t wait to see it.


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