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“When you watch people go through pain, you want to help,” explained Sherri Primes, who has been an insurance specialist for 10 years at Insphere Insurance Solutions.  “I genuinely care about what I do and about helping people.  I want to be clear with people as much as possible.  There are a lot of unknowns, and that’s scary to people.”
In the case of insurance, people need to understand exactly what they’re buying, according to Primes.  They need to “get the massiveness of what can happen if you’re not on the right plan,” she said.
Primes would know.  Situations involving Primes and those around her have made her aware of health care and insurance issues the average person doesn’t see.
Injured at 28, she had numerous back surgeries “that changed my reality.”  Her high school boy friend was injured in a motorcycle accident that put him into a coma.  When he came out of it and began to relearn speaking and other functions, he fell and hit his head in the same spot, causing him to go into a vegetative state and then to die.  Primes’ mother had three bouts with cancer in 20 years, finally losing her battle.  Her father has had heart problems.
“All of these things have caused me to view things in a realistic way,” Primes said.  The big question with insurance, she added, is “Can you get the care you need to increase your chance of survival?”  Many people believe that “It will never happen to me.,” she said.  “If you can’t get to the health care you need when you need it most, you don’t want other people making decisions for you.”
According to Primes, “You get what you pay for with insurance.  Insurance used to pay for everything and cost nothing.  Now it’s more expensive, and you get less.”
“Insurance can be confusing and complicated, and people have to understand what they’re buying,” Primes said.  “If people have been on group plans through their employers, it’s a big change when they go on individual plans.”
Primes, who offers health, life, disability and long-term care insurance, plus Medicare health plans (for which she recently became certified) and benefit packages for individuals and their families (with no underwriting), wants to provide “one-stop shopping” for her clients who seek insurance.  She said that life insurance is more affordable than it has been in decades and that there are affordable disability options, providing a few hundred dollars a day in hospital and other benefits – money to survive.
“For over 10 years my specialty is individuals and their families, but I do offer small group health plans,” she said.  “Also, I love dealing with seniors.  I enjoy hearing their stories and life experiences.”
Primes also has a genuine desire to help people.  “I’m not thinking about me, not about what I’m going to get out of it,” she said.  “If I help people, it will help everybody in the long run.  The rewards are greater when you put the client first.”
She tells people what they need to hear: that they need insurance to protect their assets and to get the health care they need when they need it.  “People think they will never use it, that bad things will never happen to them,” she said.  “I tell them that insurance may not be for maintenance, but you could lose your property over a big illness if you’re not properly insured.  I try to make the process easy and pleasant.”
Philosophically, Primes echoes the sentiments of the company she represents.  Insphere Insurance Solutions is an authorized agency in 50 states and the District of Columbia.  According to the company website, Insphere is “focused on meeting the specific health, life, retirement, and long-term care insurance needs of small businesses, and middle-income families and individuals.  Furthermore, we understand that the market wants insurance products and services designed with those needs in mind.  We also recognize that most middle-income consumers simply don’t have the time, money or resources to carefully analyze every insurance offering.  That’s why we’ve essentially done the searching, sorting and analyzing for you and built a broad, well-rounded portfolio of customizable solutions that are centered around you.”
Insphere believes that sorting through all the insurance companies’ products available to consumers can be an overwhelming task.  People need to determine which product is best for them, their family or their business, and they need to be sure they are getting solutions designed to fit their specific needs.
The products the company offers have been strategically selected, based on how well they can meet the needs of small businesses and middle-income households.  Insphere has established relationships with well-known, highly respected brands with specific expertise in the areas that matter most to its customers.  It has carefully reviewed the financial strength and products of each company its local agents represent.  According to the website, that means that consumers “can take confidence in the personalized, solutions-driven guidance your Insphere agent offers you and feel good about whatever decisions you make.”
As an Insphere agent and someone who genuinely cares what happens to people, Primes said, “I worry what can go wrong when I’m sitting across the table from a client.  There’s so much information out there.  It’s important to ask the right questions and get to the right solutions.”
For more information, contact Sherri Primes, Insphere Insurance Solutions, 3152 Redhill Ave #200, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; phone: (949) 275-5575; www.insphereis.com/sherri.primes.  A

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