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Party with a Plan

0916partywithplankidHow many times have we heard, “drink responsibly” or “drink moderately?” But what do they mean? Ask five random people to define responsible drinking, and you get five completely different answers. Could you imagine seeing a speed limit sign on the freeway saying, “Drive responsibly?” How could you possibly know how fast to go and/or what was safe?

Party with a Plan solves that problem. The book clearly explains a research based formula that teaches people how to drink, and lower their risk for problems with alcohol. Author Randy Haveson has created a “speed limit for drinking” that follows the line of thought that if you follow the speed limit (the guidelines set out in the book), your chance of getting in trouble is minimal. However, the more you go over the speed limit, and the more times you go over the speed limit, the more you put yourself, and others, at risk.

For college students especially, knowing how to drink, and understanding when it is a good idea not to drink are essential for college success. Did you know that only 30% of college students drink three or more times per week, and almost 25% of students don’t drink at all? So, low-risk drinking or not drinking at all are acceptable choices.

The hope is that by reading this book, students and parents will be better equipped to keep alcohol from getting in the way of a successful college career.

Randy Haveson, M.A. is an author, speaker, and consultant on college campuses around the country. Involved in higher education since 1991, he has worked on three college campuses as the coordinator of alcohol and other drug education programs prior to becoming a speaker and consultant. His
book can be found on Amazon or his website,

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