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With people living longer, the adult child may very well also be a senior citizen.  At age sixty or more you have a parent in his or her eighties, you have children, and then there are grandchildren.  On top of that you are probably still working with no plan of retirement in the near future.

Your own children need your support and you really want to enjoy time with your beautiful grandchildren.  Then you think, and worry, about your parent alone at home, and are filled with guilt.  What do you do?

In medical journals it has been shown that people flourish when surrounded by others.  In a more intimate environment your parent will be involved and as such more receptive to social interaction.

At home, even with a caregiver, your parent is more than likely a shut in, looking forward to a phone call.  In a large assisted living facility, unless your parent is physically and mentally independent, she will likely still be alone in her apartment a good deal of the time, without the staff to encourage her to participate in activities.

In a homelike setting your parent is sharing a home with others and is always involved with people.  He or she is a part of the activities.

What a relief for you, the adult child.  Mom or Dad is being cared for and involved.  You no longer need to feel guilt, sadness, and worry.

Bubbe & Zayde’s Place caters to the whole person.  We care for your loved one in a very special manner, assuring they are in a home filled with compassion, laughter, kindness, dignity, and love.

Make the decision for yourself and your elderly parent to give everyone in your family peace of mind and a smile.  Give your elderly parent the best life possible, give him or her Bubbe & Zayde’s Place.

Your parents deserve it and so do you.

For more information, contact Bonnie Curkin, owner of Bubbe & Zayde’s Place, at (714)928-5030 or (714)315-6003.

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