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Rachel Goes Rogue

0514rachelschiffThe Hunt is Over!

I feel like Sacagawea would have had trouble finding a Jewish mate. Yes, they say she was able to navigate even the most treacherous of areas in the United States, but she wasn’t in search of a nice Jewish man. The search, as you have read, has taken many of us years. Then, sometime last week, I was sitting at my desk when I got a text. It read “Call me when you can.” For any normal individual this is not an alarming text, but for my friend Natalie, using text versus a phone call is the equivalent to getting a man on the moon. It’s clearly possible, but it’s also ground breaking.

“Hey Rachel! You sitting? I’m engaged!” (radio silence). I nearly died of shock and happiness. My friend Natalie is now someone’s fiancé. I should give Daniel more credit than that. This someone’s name is Daniel. He has been incredibly good to Natalie, her family and her friends. So, what does this mean? It means we are planning a Jewish wedding. After the huge inner-monologue calmed down, I was able to show my excitement and joy for this simcha.

However, it wouldn’t be like me to miss an opportunity to summarize this journey (Sorry Natalie). See, from college and on, Natalie and I would take weekend trips. On these outings, we would bring books about dating and the inner workings of a man ready to marry. I would drive while Natalie would read a chapter. Since she’s from Northern California, she’s not allowed to drive unless I want to double the time it takes to get anywhere. Then, she’d read a chapter before we went to bed. Once we read a book called “The Rules.” I was positive this book was created to incite me to break every one of them (and I have). Natalie has taken them to heart, but she too has broken them from time to time.

Natalie and I have been to every Jewish singles event from San Diego to San Francisco searching for our knights in well pressed suits. We have looked in every synagogue and Chabad learning center. We have sat at every Shabbat table. I’m almost positive every grandmother has tried to set Natalie up with their grandson. She really is the salt of the earth. And yet, she found her mate at a happy hour in Palo Alto. I knew he was the one (for me) when I found out he loved “Star Wars” and engineered air conditioners.

This is the end of her dreary journey as a single Jewish woman. I am lucky, I have been able to watch one of my best friends fall in love. The new diamond on her finger is just a fraction of the gem she found in Daniel. The wedding won’t be for a while, but the story will continue as they navigate through life together. I should thank Daniel for a couple things. The first, for loving Natalie as she should be loved, but also… thank you for sparing me another singles event when I make a trip up to the Silicon Valley.

Mazel tov!

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