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Rachel Goes Rogue

0514rachelschiffDating can be hard. Just ask anyone who’s single. However, braving the 405 and adding bumper-to-bumper traffic to the mix can make it down right annoying. And unfortunately, it has become a necessary evil Orange County folks must endure when dating a Jew from LA. So how can we make our mothers and grandmothers happy without risking a case of “road rage?” Well there is a way… JSwipe.

JSwipe is an application that makes it possible to find single Jews (that are geographically desirable) for free.

JSwipe is an application (app) for your phone that allows you to upload your best “selfies” and a few tidbits about yourself. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you can start creating your own profile. From there, the app identifies where you are and finds others within a particular radius (about a mile). Yes, this does allow connections from OC to LA, as well as connections from OC to San Diego. Men and women can search for whatever sexual preference they have in a Jewish specific forum.

I had no idea I’d find a 31-year-old, bearded, Jewish man who happened to live just four blocks from my home.

Upon further communication with another “JSwiper,” I found an Israeli single like myself (and just down Jamboree Road) that was also looking for someone to date. From what I’ve seen, these untapped singles are not using JDate or showing up to community events. No, I did not ask why (shame on me I know), but they ARE looking for a Jewish mate.

Apps like JSwipe are growing in popularity. Recently, I have found JCrush and JZoog (this app has a few quirks that need to be smoothed out). It makes me question if major companies (with fee-based subscriptions) will lose money over time to these free and more accessible apps.

In addition, how will this change Jewish dating in the future?

With more access will the novelty wear off? Will Jewish singles lose excitement when they are so easily able to connect with one another? I am concerned that over time we will diminish our value in connecting with other Jewish singles. And more so, will this access create greater challenges for those looking for a serious relationship? Serial dating has become accessible in secular dating applications. This concern, although some may think this concern is far fetched, may not be too far away. Communicating with single Jews is at your fingertips. No longer do we wait for emails or conduct ourselves in formalities. Just a quick mutual swipe to the right and we are allowing ourselves to communicate with the Jewish hottie just a few miles, minutes or blocks away. Finding the “right” person still may be hard, but finding SOMEONE has become so much easier.

A short profile and a few photos are the new Jewish gateway to filling up your social and romantic calendars. So when you meet your mate on JSwipe, remember “you’re welcome” from the rogue Jewish writer.

Unless it IS me, then swipe right and I’ll say “thank you” myself.

Rachel Schiff is an English teacher who graduated from Cal State Fullerton. She was president of Hillel, a representative of World Union of Jewish Students and a YLD intern. She is a master’s degree student in American Studies with emphasis on Jews in America.

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