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Rachel Goes Rogue

0514rachelschiffOC ingenuity! Is it not amazing when OC Jews come out with a global resource for consumption and personal advancement? A new product, StreamShops is a live streaming content provider created by Mitch Potsdam and co-founded by Parker Weinthal as a way to get paid for our own intellectual property (IP). Most video content sites, like Youtube, make earning money on your own videos complicated or impossible. Creators of videos have to reach 100,000 views on a specific video to even get a share of the ad revenue, which YouTube will still take 45%.

StreamShops’ goal is to let content creators have the ability to monetize their IP from day one, and are providing something other sites are not:  the ability to share your thoughts, dreams and challah recipes in real time. It also allows the audience to support the artist/organization through donations directly, using live stream. Content creators can still give their videos, streams, or audio files away for free and only ask for monetary support; in addition, they can create a paywall.

The application of this platform extends beyond artists, musicians, or other creative endeavors – it serves as a great tool to reach Jews in OC that are not aware or participating in OC Jewish community events. We are all busy people. It is difficult to keep all of our Meshuggah (craziness) straight. In addition to watching event advertisements or recaps, StreamShops is a great way to bring “virtual attendance” to religious services and events. It enables people who might not normally be able to physically attend. This may also work for Jewish education.

For the millennials, StreamShops is a tool that enables residents to experience more of a community feel within their social media experience. In a discussion, Weinthal clearly discusses that “they [OC organizations] need ways to get donors to their events, and the virtual route with a built-in payment/donation integration is a great one.”  He continues, “Being able to upload and archive talks, sermons, and culturally relevant info makes it accessible, to Joe Jew, and when the ability to donate is a click away, perhaps Joe might be more willing to open up their wallet too.” StreamShops is a paradigm shift of old technologies and modern practices.

You don’t need to be a large Jewish organization to attract donors online (however, StreamShops welcomes anyone and everyone). To make a name for yourself in OC, thanks to Potsdam and Weinthal, all that is necessary is to have a webcam, a vision and some followers. For these two men, OC has been the breeding ground for their ingenuity. Hopefully sites like their will add to organizations’ outreach and fulfill a need for today’s local and global Jewish community. The more people who engage in Jewish life and create social networks, the more we learn and grow.

For more information: www.streamshops.com.

Rachel Schiff is an English teacher
who graduated from Cal State Fullerton.
She was president of Hillel, a representative of World Union of Jewish Students and a YLD intern. Currently, she is a master’s degree student in American Studies with emphasis on Jews in America.

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