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OC-0219-KIDDISH-ROCKIN-JUMPWhen it comes to finding a place where all types of people can go to for fun, Rockin’ Jump should be at the top of everyone’s list. Located in Santa Ana, Calif, Rockin’ Jump is an indoor trampoline park that is 25,000 square feet and has been part of the community since 2015.

Everything about Rockin’ Jump is hygienic, exciting and safe. Backyard trampolines are great – but safety is always a concern – if one jumps too high and lands on the ground, one can hurt themselves badly. However, a place like Rockin’ Jump is designed with safety as its first priority: it is all indoors, everything is soft, and all the trampolines are connected together without any edges. Marketing Director Shannon O’Connor says Rockin’ Jump “Is a facility with benefits for both parents and kids.” One third of the facility is an area for parents to relax and socialize, while rest of the space is designated is for kids to play. O’Connor proudly declares: “You can’t help but smile when you see happy faces bouncing, leaping, laughing, climbing and flying through the air.”

The indoor trampoline park can accommodate up to 400 people with 175 people able to use the various trampolines simultaneously. There are four separate party rooms, a parent lounge with big screen TV’s and comfortable leather couches. Furthermore, there is a sound system that “resonates throughout the facility ensuring that music can be a key part of any Rockin’ Jump event.”

Rockin’ Jump caters to all sorts of events such as fundraisers and all kinds of fun affairs. Many bar and bat mitzvahs take place at Rockin’ Jump. Not only do they cater to teenagers, but they also cater to parents and young relatives. They have a toddler area for children ages six and younger, so they can have an “all age venue,” as O’Connor puts it. If a private event is booked, guests can bring their own food to their event and there is a kitchen for caterers to prepare the food. There is also a fantastic neon light system on the ceiling to enhance the party experience. This gives a club atmosphere which is a big attraction for bar and bat mitzvah aged guests.

“Kids like to do activities that allow them to compete with each other. It adds a level of entertainment for them that just heightens their FUN,” O’Connor proudly says. So, what other attractions do they have? They have an augmented climbing wall, which creates different lighted patterns for climbers to go on. There is also ValoJump, which is loved by many. The kids are jumping on a trampoline as a screen in front of them shows then immersed as a character in their own video game. Furthermore, guests can battle it out on the X-Beam and show off their inner Michael Jordan in the 360 Slam Dunk Zone. “They can challenge themselves in the TripWire Laser Maze, and try flips and twists in the Stunt Bag Zone.”

Rockin’ Jump has numerous programs that are fantastic for all different ages. From the Rockin’ Tots program, which is a special toddler-only jump time session hosted at Rockin’ Jump four mornings each week, to the fundraisers they host for local schools and non-profits to the Sports Team and Scout Parties they host for local teams and troops. Combining these events with the element of fitness makes it a great combination for families in the Rockin’ Jump community!

Rockin’ Jump’s motto is safety first, there are cameras all over ensuring that everyone is guaranteed safe fun. With hand sanitizers all over the facility, it is expected of guests to clean their hands routinely. Their website states: “At Rockin’ Jump, your safety is our number one priority. That is why we’ve developed a trademarked safety program we call JumpSafe. This program helps you, your loved ones and our staff ensure that every experience at Rockin’ Jump is Safe. Clean. Fun.” In addition to parents making sure that their kids are safe, the staff is on top of it, making sure everyone is safe as well. The attractions are designed in a way that there is fun for all ages, from the little to the big. Everyone can find something fun to do here. Their goal is to make kids of all ages happy.

As for Rockin’ Jump‘s future? Their goal is to keep doing what they are doing, and to continue putting smiles on everyone’s faces for many years to come. Rock on!
For more information, go on their website at: https://rockinjump.com/orangecounty.


• One third of the facility is for parents to relax and socialize, while the rest of the facility is for kids to play.
• Rockin’ Jump’s motto is safety first, there are cameras all over ensuring that that everyone is guaranteed safe fun.

Rachel Stern is a contributor of Jlife Magazine. She is a published author as well as a freelance journalist. She resides in San Diego and can be reached at ganeitikva@icloud.com.

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  1. Thanks for this nice article.
    I was several times in Rockin’ Jump with my kids. Each time that we go there they are excited and are having a lot of fun from so many activities, while I watch them and relax at the same time.
    I am considering of having a birthday party there for my older child.
    I love how Ms. Rachel Stern the writer describes the place. Thanks for a great article.


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