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Seven Years and Counting

Every year it gets harder to believe how long Orange County Jewish Life has had a wonderful relationship with the Jewish community of Orange County.  As we enter our eighth year of publication, we want to thank everybody who has been part of our existence and describe our efforts to carry news, analysis and educational features about the Orange County Jewish community and the Jewish world to as many people as possible.
From the leaders of Jewish agencies and synagogues to the “people on the street” who tell us about the many interesting people, places and events in this community, we have developed a rewarding partnership that makes our coverage broad and diverse.  We couldn’t do it without your support, and we want to do more in the coming year.
The caveat that good publications are interesting, informative and interactive has taken on new meaning in the age of instantaneous contact.  Because many of our readers use electronic devices as their primary sources of communication, Orange County Jewish Life is upgrading our efforts to reach out and touch people on our website, on Facebook and on Twitter.
Like us on Facebook to learn about news as it happens, how Israeli technology is making life better for people around the world or how you can be part of a worthy cause anywhere from Irvine to Israel.  See the videos of breaking news we cull from websites and other sources.  Read about election coverage as it happens, from a Jewish perspective.  Tell your Facebook friends about us, so we can reach that mysterious “unaffiliated” segment of the Jewish population that eludes everybody’s RADAR.
Check out our website for calendar items and stories that happen after the deadline for our print issue.  Read stories that go beyond our monthly magazine coverage and find out about last-minutes changes in programs, as well as scoops on Jewish celebrities.  We’ll have more and better pictures on all of our media options.  Orange County Jewish Life aims to give you all the news and insight that’s fit to print, tweet or access on line in 2012.
By all means, communicate with us on any of the above, as well as regular e-mail (ileneschneider@aol.com) or phone (949-786-6270), to let us know how we’re doing, what more we can do or how we can do it better.  At the end of the day, it’s all about you.
As always, we’re presenting our editorial calendar for the magazine for the coming year.  Please take note of special issues, but feel free to submit ideas and suggestions anytime.  As always, our deadlines for story ideas and photos are the first of the month preceding the month of the issue and for calendar listings, the eighth of the month preceding the month of the issue.
Happy Chanukah and happy secular New Year to the Orange County Jewish community, in its many flavors, streams, and opinions.  May we go forward to 2012 from strength to strength with many new ideas, many ways to cover the community and the Jewish world and the diversity that keeps life interesting.
Ilene Schneider

OCJL 2012
Editorial Calendar
January: Weddings and Other Simchot/Education
February: Culture/Camps
March: Purim/Health
April: Planned Giving/Passover
May: Seniors/Israel
June: Home Decor/Shavuot
July: Food & Wine/Arts
& Entertainment
August: Education/
Synagogue Membership
September: High Holy Days/Health
October: Seniors/Planned Giving
November: Camps/Arts Festival
December: Chanukah/Travel/Arts


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