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Shaping the Future

1214enrichmentkiddishFifth-grader Shahrez beams as he talks about his first business venture, a website called “SBay Kids.” Designing and building the technology himself, Shahrez is already into audience development, suggesting he created a site and product line that “attracts people.” “SBay Kids is named like Ebay. I want people to come find things they like. I priced everything in the mid-range and selected items that I love; then other people will love them, too.”

The SBay Kids website has a working search function and uses PayPal to process orders. It’s the real deal. I know because I bought something on the site.

Shahrez built the site in an eight-week course here at the Merage Jewish Community Center (JCC) as part of our after-school enrichments. His friends made sites selling candy, showing off car models and sharing soccer tips.

Well over 100 kids thunder through the JCC halls every weekday. They are here to participate in the dozens of enrichment programs the JCC offers year-round, programs like iSpark and website development. These enrichment activities do more than keep our kids busy; they expand on their learning in ways that differ from the methods used during the regular school days. They bring new concepts to light and use old concepts in new ways. While the activities are fun, they also impart knowledge for the kids. Enrichments are a vehicle for students to build mastery, deepening skills and interests. They provide leadership and social skills development.

Children’s enrichments are available to the community whether you are a member or not. Visit www.jccoc.org to see what we are offering today.

Audra Martin has worked with children in the JCC field for over 17 years. She is the Director of Children and Camp at the Merage JCC. Contact Audra at audram@jccoc.org.


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