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Small Classes, Big Return

Touro College Los Angeles is the only WASC accredited Orthodox Jewish college on the west coast. Graduates are going on to prestigious universities.  Others have secured full-time jobs in their fields. TCLA is upholding its reputation as an institution that offers academic excellence by producing top-tier students who are prepared for both graduate school and their field work.

Esther Pearl Marks, a 2012 graduate, chose TCLA, because “it was convenient, qualified and accredited.  I got seminary credits, Jewish holidays off plus an amazing education.  Touro’s small classes made it simple to create relationships with faculty members.  When I applied for graduate school, these faculty members wrote me excellent letters of recommendation.”

Another 2012 graduate, Avi Saada, said, “I was not only able to receive a strong education in business and finance, but I was also able to observe and implement the concepts I learned in class in the work field.  Because the class sizes were small, I was able to develop personal relationships with my professors, and we frequently discussed real-life business experiences, thus giving me an added advantage at work.”

Simcha Levenberg, a third 2012 graduate, added, “The school was extremely accommodating about most aspects of my education.  When classes weren’t offered, the staff and faculty provided options to take the courses through directed study, which helped me keep to my schedule.  Since the class sizes were smaller, there was enough time for me to ask questions during class.”

These graduates would recommend Touro to others.  As Saada, president of TCLA’s men student council, who plans to continue working full time in the field of healthcare administration, explained, “TCLA is the right place for those who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business or psychology in a Jewish, warm, and friendly environment, while working during the day and eventually complete an undergraduate education from a well-reputed institution in 3 years or less.”

According to Miriam Brummer, 2012 class valedictorian, who will be attending University of Southern California’s master’s in education program, “Touro offers many programs geared to help students prepare for their chosen field through ‘hands-on’ experience.  The Touro College Crisis Hotline offered me insight into the field of psychology and working with patients in crisis.  The knowledge and skills I gained under the guidance of the Hotline’s leader, Dr. Lucien Chocron, go beyond whatever I may have gained from a textbook in a lecture hall.”

Levenberg, who will be attending Pepperdine University’s graduate school of psychology and education, said, “I would recommend Touro to a focused student, an Orthodox student, a student who wants to stay local.”

Marks, who will attend Columbia University’s Masters in Teaching program, concluded, “This is exactly what a working Jewish religious girl needs from her college life — seminary credit, good education, Jewish holidays off, great faculty and steady reliable hours, so I could hold a full time job while being in school.  Dean Lowy and other faculty are really always there for their students and they have an open-door policy.  Touro was exactly what I needed out of the college experience.”

For more information about TCLA, call (323) 822-9700, ext. 85155, or e-mail tourola.admissions@touro.edu.

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