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Deb Perelman Brings Her Unique Flair and Food Favorites to the Merage JCC

    Jewish mom Deb Perelman started the food blog Smitten Kitchen in 2006, building legions of fans and seducing more than one million Instagram followers with sometimes sweet, sometimes savory deliciousness. With a friendly flair, spiced with a dash of self-deprecation, Perelman is a relatable self-taught home cook with a tiny New York kitchen and an endless recipe index. A best-selling author, Perelman has done it again. In her third book, “Smitten Kitchen Keepers: New Classics for Your Forever Files,” Perelman gives us 100 rigorously tested recipes—many of which show off her Jewish culinary roots—that aim to make prepping and cooking practical and enjoyable. These are the fail-safe, essential recipes you’ll want to make again and again from Perelman’s forever files to yours.
    What are the favorites people are talking about? Perelman notes that she hears about her Rice Krispies treats far and wide, people savoring the richly browned butter confection.
    She shares that families will love the cream cheese and jam challah buns that make her think of her dad and a pound cake that she believes just might be “worth the cover price alone.”
    Perelman also points out that she hopes her followers will try the cover dish, Green Angel Hair Pasta, which melts with butter made better with fresh spinach, “I was playing around with ingredients I liked. Then I was like, but what if I just did this? All of a sudden I had this absolute luxury of a vibrant green pasta sauce that became the easiest thing to make.”
    From a slow-roasted chicken on a bed of unapologetically schmaltzy croutons, a tomato and corn cobbler that tastes like summer sunshine, an epic quiche that even quiche skeptics will love, and a butterscotched apple crisp Perelman promises to ruin you for all others.
    The Merage Jewish Community Center, hosts Deb Perelman and 250 Smitten Kitchen fans on Tuesday, January 17. They’ll enjoy stories of juggling family, busy schedules and cooking successes, with a cooking demo and dinner.


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