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Society Roundup

The installation event included a signing ceremony in which the Jewish Federation & Family Services became an official entity.

Photo credit: Photos by Kathleen Ron, Jewish Federation & Family Services

Jewish Federation & Family Services held its annual meeting and installation on Sunday, January 30.  In addition to installing Phil Waldman as the new chair, making a tribute to Phil Kaplan as he ends his term and installing the new board, a vote was taken on the agreement of merger between Federation and Family Services.

“The economy got in the way of our goals, but we now have more $100,000 donors,” Kaplan said.  “Only 12 percent of Jewish philanthropic dollars go to Jewish institutions, but Orange County is one of the top ten performing Federations out of 170.”

In tribute to Kaplan, board member Frank Ellis said that he “expanded the possibilities of Jewish Federation of Orange County, then Jewish Federation and Family Services, even during challenging economic times.  He truly lives the words of Hineni.”

Rabbi Richard Steinberg, spiritual leader of Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’a lot, who served as installing officer, said that Waldman “is about uniting, family and service.  He talks the talk and walks the walk, and he is a lover of Israel.”

Waldman called Orange County “one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in the nation.”  He added, “The economy will continually weigh on our campaign efforts, and there will always be people who want to foment discord, but it’s up to us to carry the banner.”

During the annual meeting/installation, there were special recognitions presented to outgoing Federation and Family Services board members.

Immediately after the installation/annual meeting, there was a “signing ceremony” of the two chairs (Dan Koblin from JFS, and Phil Kaplan from Federation as the one who presided over the alliance).  Then, the new board and senior staff had a full-afternoon retreat.


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