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Springtime For Hitler Youth

Evil shows its face at our universities

As I type this, it’s been more than five weeks since gangs of Palestinian terrorists sadistically carried out the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust. As the heroes of the IDF pound Hamas in Gaza, sending them to the oblivion of nothingness, or something worse, another parallel horror has emerged across the globe.
    Instead of the outpouring of sympathy that an event like the Hamas massacre of October 7 would suggest, there has been an increase in antisemitism unseen since the 1930s.
    Instead of worldwide anger at Hamas and disgust at their subhuman behavior and repugnant demonstrations of pure evil, much of the world has decided that the fault lies with the Jews, and we are, they say, responsible (once again) for whatever horrible things befall us.
    I’m sick of it.
    Before I continue, I want everyone to know that I am 100% positive that Israel will be massively victorious, that we as Jews will continue to flourish, and that Hashem is protecting us. I don’t want anyone to be scared because I am pointing out some of the challenges we are facing right now. Not scared, not depressed, and not (G-d forbid) living in fear because of what is happening. We’re Jews and we will be fine (as always).
    But there are some serious issues that we are facing right now, and for the vast majority of us, living through this level of antisemitism is a new experience. I’ve been warning for decades that the Shoah didn’t end antisemitism, rather it just made it socially unacceptable to publicly declare yourself an antisemite. Ground zero for that reversal of social acceptability has always been universities—in America, and around the world.
    I am an American, and I am sad to say that our universities have taken the lead on the restoration of Jew hatred as a normative attitude. In fact, it is considered virtuous on college campuses to hate Jews.
    We’ve all heard the stories over the past several weeks. Personally, the most disturbing for me was the incident at Cooper Union College,1 where Jewish students were forcibly detained in a library while a horde of pro-Hamas “activists” (campus shorthand for “Jew hating scum”) pounded on the doors outside while chanting genocidal phrases and “let us in!”
    The lowlight was that a school official reportedly asked the students if they wanted to “hide in the attic?” Eventually, they had to be smuggled out through a tunnel. So in 2023 the choice was attic or tunnel, spanning both nightmares: from Jews hidden during the Shoah, to Jews being held hostage in Hamas tunnels right now.
    At my own antisemitic alma mater, the University of Southern California, a Ph.D. student was filmed2 gleefully tearing down hostage posters. At the University of California at Los Angeles, they held a pro-lowlife, I mean pro-terrorist, I mean a pro-Hamas rally in which they beat an effigy3 of Benjamin Netanyahu while shouting “Beat that f’ing Jew!”

Two young Jewish women at Washington State tearfully pleading for help from campus security—to no avail. CREDIT: YouTube

    Early on, we all saw the footage of two young Jewish women at Washington State tearfully pleading for help4 from campus security—to no avail. At Ohio State, two students were punched in the face5 as assailants shouted antisemitic slurs. At UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and San Jose State,6 pro-Israel students were physically assaulted. Also at UC Berkeley, Jewish students were subjected to taunts of “kill the Jews,” “eliminate Israel” and asked “what their number is,” a reference to the Holocaust. At UC San Diego, Jewish students have been given police protection for their own safety. Someone scrawled “Holocaust 2.0” on a wall at the University of Maryland.
    I can go on and on and on.
    But what really caught my attention and inspired me to write this, was what just took place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).7
    Jewish students were prevented from attending class by a “blockade” of “anti-Israel” (meaning: Jew hating) students. A group calling itself the “Coalition Against Apartheid (CAA)” was responsible (for a long list of articles completely refuting the charge that Israel is an “Apartheid state,” see references8 ). Before this incident, members of CAA had already harassed Jewish faculty and stopped other students from going to class.
    A letter from Jewish students stated that they were physically prevented from attending class, that there was no clear response from the administration, and that Jewish students only were warned to stay out of the location of the pro-Hamas activity.
    You have to keep the cool-kid demonstrations judenrein!
    The letter also said that “Many Jewish students fear leaving their dorm rooms and have stated that they feel MIT is not safe for Jews. This message is compounded by the public and private warnings of Hillel and many faculty that Jewish students should not enter MIT’s main lobby today, November 9th, 2023.”
    All of this was, of course, in violation of MIT’s own rules for student demonstrations.
    In fact, after being asked to disperse, “The CAA protesters did not cooperate. Indeed, the CAA proceeded to invite more students and non-MIT protesters to join them in calling for a violent uprising (‘Intifada’) and justifying the terror attacks of Hamas on Israeli civilians.”
    Chillingly (or in my case, fury-inducingly), the student letter ends:
    “Today, on the 9th of November, on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, which marked the beginning of the Holocaust, Jews at MIT were told to enter campus from back entrances and not to stay in Hillel for fear of their physical safety. We are seeing history repeating itself and Jews on MIT’s campus are afraid. Signed, The MIT Israel Alliance and its supporters.”
    What we have here is yet another incident where Jewish students were made to feel threatened, fearful and isolated. That was after the kosher dining hall at Cornell was shut down9 because of credible, and violent, threats to Jewish students, a Stanford professor tried to make10 Jewish students stand in a corner and accused them of being “colonizers” (Try to make me stand in a corner and I will place that corner in an anatomically inconvenient spot for you), a group of students at Harvard (including the editor of the Law Review) harassed a group of Jewish students,11 the president of Columbia said that she was “grateful for the persistence and perseverance” of pro-Hamas students, and (as I said earlier) on and on and on.12
    A big part of the problem, maybe the entire reason the problem persists, is that there are nearly zero consequences for the students who engage in these Hitler Youth redux activities.
    At MIT, the school announced that there would be NO, NONE, BUPKIS suspensions of the student members of the CAA, DESPITE having openly flouted the school’s own rules. Why? Because, and get ready for your head to explode if you are prone to that kind of thing, they deemed their antisemitic behavior as “non-academic activities” (for which the sane reaction is an emphatic “SO WHAT?”). More tellingly, they also excused the violations because a suspension from the school could cause “visa issues” for foreign students.
    Keep in mind that during the pro-Hamas demonstrations, MIT warned students that they would be suspended if they didn’t disperse. The only students who dispersed were the few Jewish students who arrived to counter-protest. The pro-Hamas privileged brats mocked the university president for even threatening to suspend them, repeatedly chanting “shame” (Why do ALL of these people LOVE to chant?) as they read off her supposed infractions against their delicate, fragile, narcissistic sensibilities.
    That “determination” was from MIT President Sally Kornbluth. She went on to yammer in the usual woke style about she and her staff having “serious concerns that (the demonstration) could lead to violence,” saying that she appreciated that “many chose to leave,” and “I appreciate their cooperation” (again, this means the Jewish students only), and that ”members of my team have been in dialogue with students all day.” “Students” meaning student Nazis.
    But she was “in dialogue” and that’s what counts.
    So, she invoked the usual meaningless, Orwellian drivel, always used by cowards with no moral clarity, and always unwilling to take a stand against evil.
    In a final assertion of total garbage, she said, “Because we later heard serious concerns about collateral consequences for the students, such as visa issues, we have decided, as an interim action, that the students who remained after the deadline will be suspended from non-academic campus activities.”
    To translate: The pro-Hamas Jew haters will only be suspended from chess club, or whatever, because the poor, poor babies may get their a**es kicked out of the United States if they are actually punished for their nascent terrorist crap by being suspended from real school.
    Gutless cowards. I’m waiting for them to put up a “arbeit mach frei” sign at the front gate.
    So far Joe Biden and his justice department have announced zero investigations, despite this being an obvious violation of several civil-rights laws.
    I’m trying to figure out if this is part of the massive uptick in “Islamaphobia” that the administration keeps telling us is real. “Real” like finding a good kosher deli in Gaza.
    By the way, 30% of the students at MIT are from outside of the United States.
    All of this comes amid revelations that American universities have been illegally hiding13 $13 billion in undisclosed contributions from foreign countries. The largest contributor? Qatar, home of the leaders of Hamas.
    That is in addition to the billions that we already knew that American universities already get from countries like Saudi Arabi and China. The biggest recipients of the money are Cornell, NYU, Georgetown, and Harvard, but schools like USC, UCLA and the University of Chicago are all massive benefactors of this money.
    So, if you’re paying attention, and if you are reading my column I know you are paying attention, it is not a big mystery why these institutions are pro-Hamas, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Jews are not safe on America’s campuses, and Jews are not safe on Britain’s campuses.14
    And it is not just universities. It is happening in the lower echelons of education as well. In Brooklyn,15 a “parent advisory board” organized a 700-student protest across 100 schools. They provided all of the goodies beloved by Jew haters including professionally printed “from the river to the sea” (a call for genocide) signs. They also recommended chants like “Resistance is justified when people are occupied” and “Say it loud, say it clear, we don’t want Zionists here!” Students at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School were caught on camera shouting “F— the Jews!”16 
    Such charming tikes.
    When one concerned mom called Fort Hamilton High School because she was in fear for her daughter’s safety, a school administrator told her “It’s complicated.”
    Such pathetic adults.
    Never again is now, and Springtime for Hitler Youth is playing at high schools and universities near you.
    We have to organize, push back and ensure consequences for every Jew-hating antisemite.
    Personally, I’d prefer that this entire trend be turned into the “Winter of THEIR Discontent.”
    Never give in. Never give up.
     Am Yisrael chai!  

Joshua Namm is a longtime Jewish community pro, passionate Israel advocate, and co-founder/co-CEO of Moptu, a unique social platform designed specifically for article sharing and dedicated to the principle of free speech.


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