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Staying Connected

    Times are difficult for many right now, especially this time of year when Jews are used to visiting with family and friends. Fortunately, many people understand the importance of staying safely apart as the need for social distancing continues.
    This, however, doesn’t mean your family and friends need to drift apart or you can’t find other ways to connect—it just means you may need to get more creative!
    “Social distancing is very hard for many people,” says Mike Silverman, CEO of Heritage Pointe in Mission Viejo. “People simply aren’t meant to spend a large amount of time alone, not communicating or connecting with others. In fact, we know exactly how important connection can be for health, confidence and happiness.
    “This is why we strive to ensure our Residents are enjoying fulfilling days while staying in touch with those they hold dear as well as our team and other Residents.”
    “We are finding that by getting creative in how we interact with Residents, teaching them how to connect with technology and by encouraging them to keep a positive outlook and an open mind, that they are remaining truly happy,” he says. “Not only has this helped, but so has being in a caring, supportive and comfortable environment. This has ensured they have the peace of mind of safety and security. All around, our Residents are feeling secure and equipped to handle whatever comes next in spite of social distancing.”
Stay Connected to Loved Ones
    At Heritage Pointe, staff knows that staying away from your older family members can be hard, but we are here to help. If you find yourself missing your loved one and would like to see them, talk to them or even brighten their day by doing something nice, we can help. Try some of the following ways that we’ve seen our Residents’ families and friends connect with them during social distancing.
Find New Ways to Get in Touch
    While you may not be able to get together face-to-face in person, there are plenty of ways you can still see or talk to your loved one! We’re helping Residents schedule video chats with friends and family, enjoying virtual events and talking on the phone.
    Some are even enjoying connecting over texting, apps and email! Residents are frequently updated with photographs and videos as well. We’re here to help make it all run smoothly for them, so if these ideas interest you, we can help to facilitate it.
Have Fun at a Distance
    Video chat software has made it possible to do a wide range of activities online. From book clubs over video, watch parties hosted during your favorite television show’s airing, playing an array of games and so much more—there are plenty of ways to have fun and connect while staying safely apart. If your loved one isn’t comfortable with video chatting, it’s also possible to download and play a variety of games that you can enjoy together—and bond over.
Make Days Special with a Surprise
    While there’s nothing better than connecting with friends and family by talking and laughing together, it’s still possible to show your love and add a level of surprise and fun to their days. Consider trying one of these ideas to help your loved one feel appreciated, missed and happy during social distancing.
    Compile a list of good news from the day or week to share with them so they can enjoy all the good that’s happening in the world.
• Get the whole family involved and create a photo album with special messages inside.
• Send them a movie basket with a feel-good movie from their past, comfortable new pajamas and some slippers and have them watch the movie. Be sure to watch the movie too so you can chat about it the next day.
• Make them a customized gift basket with a variety of things to do such as puzzles or coloring books.
    These are just a few of the many ways that you can connect with your loved one. For more ideas, or to hear more about how our Heritage Pointe Residents are enjoying peace of mind each day, feel free to contact Heritage Pointe at www.heritagepointe.org.


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