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1115stopswipingIt’s interesting…people hire personal trainers to get in shape, realtors to find a house and headhunters to find a job—but what’s more important than love? Why wouldn’t we hire a matchmaker to find love? “Finding the right person to marry may be the single most important thing you do and the most crucial decision you make in your life, with lifelong lasting impact,” says Judith Gottesman, MSW, a Matchmaker and Dating Coach, for Jewish singles of all ages, on the West Coast and beyond, at Soul Mates Unlimited®.

What started just as doing a mitzvah more than 20 years ago, in 2009, turned into a full-time business to help many more people find love and happiness. “Online dating may provide the endless opportunity to meet numerous people, but many of my clients get burnt out by the task and also because they aren’t forging those deep relationships or finding true love. I provide the human component because when it comes to matters of the heart, people want a personal touch, and you can’t get more personal than love,” says Gottesman.

Sometimes people in the dating world aren’t focusing on the foundation, which is the key to making a harmonious lifelong match—core values, daily lifestyle, long-term goals, etc. These need to be in alignment in addition to the physical attraction and chemistry components. Below are just a few ways that Judith’s personal touch is better than anything you’ll find online and distinguishes her from other matchmaking companies:

• She does all matchmaking, new client interviews, and date-coaching herself, for the ultimate in personalized attention!

• She uses her psychology background, distinctive interview techniques and natural intuition to make lasting soul mate matches.

• She has exclusively Jewish clientele and is the premiere matchmaker for the entire West Coast Jewish community.

• She only matches clients with clients (i.e., no random people off the street).

• Due to the high-profile nature of her clientele, Judith provides absolute discretion and confidentiality.

• She is results-oriented—charging only one-third of her fee up front and the remainder after successfully matching her clients. Judith believes finding love should be about what’s in your heart, not what’s in your bank account!

• Soul Mates Unlimited® has earned an A+ BBB rating and award for Best Business in the Matchmaker category for 2015.

For more information please go to Judith’s website, www.SoulMatesUnlimited.com.

Tanya Schwied graduated from New York University, studied abroad in Israel, and currently works for the CEO and President of Jewish Federation & Family Services. 

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  1. Judith is very professional and I have been very pleased with the advice she has given me.

    I know my B’sheret is out there, and look forward to meeting him thru Judith’s network.


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