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Sukkahfest has been created to inspire people of all ages to create artsy and unique architectural sukkot for the community to enjoy together. We aim to connect diverse Jewish families in a unified sukkot celebration where organizations and families can design and build their own sukkah on our 5-acre campus.
Sukkah design proposals
    Please send your design idea to:
$100 mini-grant for the first 10 submitted designs
Be creative.  Some ideas include:
  Israel Themed
  Beach Theme
  Creative Use of Recycled materials
  Multicultural Theme
  Marvel Heroes Theme
  Sports Theme
  Nature Harvest Theme
  Seasons Theme
Guidelines for Designing Your Sukkah
    You are invited to visit the campus to survey the area for ideas, please send an email to Rabbi Rock. IHDS will supply a table 8 feet long and 8 chairs per sukkah.
  The sukkah should have at least 3 walls.
      Each wall must have a minimum length of 28 inches.
      The walls of the sukkah should extend at least 40 inches high, and the walls may not be suspended more than 9 inches above the ground.
      The walls of a sukkah should be tied tightly or made of materials that will not move with the wind. There are different opinions as to what type of wall movement invalidates a sukkah. To satisfy all opinions, the walls ideally should not move in the wind at all.
      These are the minimums, keep in mind that your design should be large enough to accommodate up to 8 guests at a fold-up table
  Schach (the roof): Please provide details about what schach you plan to use. If you have questions please reach out to Rabbi Rock.
  Your sukkah should not exceed a 10ft x 10ft area.
Rabbi Rock is available for questions:

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