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Tennessee Bound

Recently the Wall Street Journal featured an article about the number of people leaving larger cities to call Nashville and its suburbs home. U-Haul said Tennessee topped their list of one-way moves for the first time in 2020, United Van Lines said Tennessee was number seven on their Top 10 list for in-bound moves. Clearly there is something to this Southern state that is causing many, including a massive number of Californians, to make this life change.
    It’s true, there are no ocean views in Nashville and its surrounding counties. However, the area (known as Middle Tennessee) does have a lot to offer, including excellent public and private school options, no state income tax, four distinct seasons, and lush green spaces that have given people a reason to take a second look. There is also a thriving business climate, with companies such as Amazon and Alliance Bernstein relocating their headquarters to Nashville. Also, thanks in part to the amazing food and arts scene, Nashville was just included in Travel and Leisure’s Top 50 Places to Travel in 2021.
    Many have found once they do take a second look at calling Middle Tennessee home, they find truly kind and welcoming locals who are receptive and excited to expand their community. This is also true of the Jewish community in Nashville, which has a place and an opportunity for everyone to integrate into Jewish life in Nashville.
    Take Jennifer Harris and her family of seven who relocated to Nashville in March with the help of husband/wife duo Lana and Franklin Pargh of Compass Real Estate in Nashville. The Pargh’s are lifelong Nashvillians who, according to Harris, were integral in the success of their cross-country move.
    “When you looked around at economies that were supportive of small businesses, you didn’t have a lot of choices,” Harris said. “Tennessee had a sophisticated, growing big city, favorable business practices, relatively good weather and incredibly friendly people. Lana and Franklin really epitomized that.”
    Harris credited Lana and Franklin with part of the reason why Nashville just immediately felt like home. “They were so willing to help with every facet of the move. They don’t just sell you a house and disappear; they make sure you meet other people in the community. They make sure they are available to answer your questions when it comes to services you need or where to buy something. In fact, Franklin referred me to my local commercial broker, who is amazing, and also introduced me to my California commercial brokers who helped me sell everything there so we could move to Tennessee. All because of Franklin! That kind of support is invaluable, and you just need that when you move to a new place.”
    With decades of experience in Nashville real estate, architecture and design, Lana and Franklin lead a full-service real estate team of experts who sold more than 75M in Nashville last year. Because they are so familiar with the area and the current real estate trends, as well as having so many connections to others in the community, they are able to assist with life beyond the home sale. They are also active members of the Jewish community through philanthropy and community service, as well as proud Jewish Federation cabinet members.
    “It is of the utmost importance to us that our clients become our friends and our relationship transcends a sale,” said Franklin. “We absolutely focus on finding them their perfect home in their perfect area, but with so many clients coming from out of town, we want to help them get acclimated and feel comfortable quickly. It’s important to us to ease the transition for them in any way possible.”
    Advice from Jennifer Harris? Move now. “People are moving there in droves, so if you wait, you will pay the price for it,” she laughed. “I will say, I have been pleasantly surprised by the thriving Jewish community and how welcoming it is. There are so many opportunities to get involved in Nashville, whether you are reform or conservative, it’s all a big, united community here.”
    If a move to Nashville sounds intriguing to you, Lana and Franklin Pargh would be delighted to hear from you. You can reach them at pargh@compass.com or by phone at (615) 504-2685.

Tara Goldberg is a contributing writer to JLife Magazine. 



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