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The Horror and the Hostages

TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) has presented  the hour long documentaries THE HORROR and THE HOSTAGES. The films, the first two of six documentaries that the network will present on the Oct 7th attacks.  The focus of the documentaries is the October 7th, 2023 attacks when 3000 Hamas terrorists stormed across Israel’s southern border. It was not a raid. It was an invasion. It was not a battle. It was a massacre. It represented the worst slaughter of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust and the worst act of mass terrorism in the Middle East since ISIS. It represented a complete failure of Israel’s military and intelligence establishments. It was Israel’s darkest day, but for individual citizens who saved themselves, their families, neighbors and complete strangers, it was their finest hour. This six part series examines the events of that day and its ramifications, which will echo for all of us, for better or worse for the rest of this century. The series is available on TBN, as well as the television academy for your consideration for Emmy voting.

The documentaries are by the filmmaker Dan Gordon whose initial documentary THE HOSTAGE about Rachel Goldberg, whose son Hershel remains a captive of Hamas, aired on TBN in Feb. Gordon is an award winning filmmaker.  He is the screenwriter of over 20 feature films including The Hurricane (Denzel Washington), Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner) and the just released Irena’s Vow for which he won Best Feature Film Screenplay in The Writers Guild of Canada Awards. In addition, he has over 200 hours of television, starting as head writer on Michael Landon’s Highway to Heaven. He is the author of 11 novels and his plays have been performed Off and On Broadway, in the West End of London, and throughout Europe. His works have been translated into over a dozen languages. He spent months in Israel writing, directing, and hosting the one hour special “Hostage” and the six part documentary series “October 7th, 2023.”

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