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The Perfection of Camelot

Michal Rinkevich has brought the paradise of Camelot to her community. Like the legendary King Arthur’s Court where the people enjoyed abundant prosperity, wisdom, health and happiness, Michal has endowed her followers with happiness and self-fulfillment with the knowledge of self.

Michal connects Western knowledge and Eastern methodologies to create a holistic, comprehensive, unique healing process with a body-mind approach. Co-created with her partner, Rubi Shalev, Ph.D, the sanctuary, The Camelot Center, focuses on the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, with the belief that the understanding of the metaphysical origin of health is essential for true healing.

“So many come in complaining: ‘‘I know there is more to life,’” she relates. “Through education, we teach them to care for themselves. It is important to help others, but it is just as important to help ourselves. We try to follow Gandhi’s teaching, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’”

The slim, vibrant teacher, knowledgeable beyond her 31 years, excitedly describes, “We create magic. Every one of our practitioners has multiple tools in his tool box to enhance awareness, gain empowerment, and achieve fulfillment.” In addition to significantly improving her patients’ quality of life and health, her ultimate goal is to provide the patients with the means to sustain such positive changes and take control of their own health.

At their Camelot Center in Los Altos, California, Shalev and Rinkevich practice Reiki, massage, Shiatsu, guided imagery, reflexology, Chakra healing, applied kinesiology, metaphysical health diagnosis, acupuncture, and Theta Healing. Every Monday evening they open their center, free to the community, to experience Reiki and other healing methods.

One such evening led to one of Michal’s proudest success stories — a 43-year-old woman suffering a severe case of anxiety, panic, and dizziness.  She couldn’t drive, was afraid to leave her house, confessed to a problem with a teenage daughter, and tested for a low hormonal level. For three years she had consulted with doctors who prescribed anti-depressives. “Nothing changed,” she complained.

After six months at the center she was driving, had almost completed writing a book, had improved her relationship with her daughter, and was exercising regularly. She had lost 25 pounds, and people told her she looked 10 years younger.

“Her doctor was shocked,” relates Michal. “He pronounced her completely well, recording a changed person.”

Michal earned her B.S. in Physiology and Neurobiology from the University of Connecticut where she was awarded a swimming scholarship. A competitive free-style swimmer for 14 years, she emigrated from Israel at the age of 20, after graduating from high school and completing her army service. She swam for the Israeli National Swim Team, and, as team captain, led the Maccabi Kiryat Ono Club Team to three consecutive national championships.

She chose Connecticut to experience a different life, for its rural setting and the cold, “the opposite from my home city of Tel Aviv.” After four years, she craved warmth and transferred to California upon graduation.

Her background and experience in physiology and neuroscience provide her with a unique edge while applying Eastern medical knowledge. For four years, Michal conducted neuroscience research at the Human Sleep Research Program at SRI International in Menlo Park, studying brain and sleep disorders in smokers and alcoholics. She has taught physiology at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, one of the top acupuncture schools in the U.S.

Since 1995, working with Dr. Shalev, recognized as one of the top swimming coaches in Europe and Israel, Michal learned to integrate emotional and guided mental imagery when training for a sporting event. Then came two significant moments in her life.

“Using that imagery,” she continues, “training for my next competition, lying on my stomach, I visualized my rate of speed. My heart rate rose; my breathing changed – as if I were swimming. I visualized the time goal I wanted to set. Then came the race. At the end, when I touched the wall and looked at the clock, my time was accurate to the time I had visualized – to the hundredth of a second!”

Later, diagnosed with a chronic shoulder injury, conventional medicine, including a series of shots, was unsuccessful. Michal thought her swimming days were over. She sought a “complimentary” solution: “What’s beyond what we see. Body, mind, soul starts with me,” she thought.

With the aid of Dr. Shalev and guided imagery, she was able to cure herself of the injury. “That started me thinking,” she describes. “This can make things happen. This became the foundation of everything we do today – from diagnostics of the physical to the non-physical. Nutrition, exercise, energy, thought management. How to control ourselves, our anxieties, how can we offer a solution? Our approach is to customize through education which the patients can take home, empowering them. My background is scientific. When I see results, I believe.”

The center focuses on the medical first, supporting and encouraging the diagnosis of the doctor, then on life changes. Nutritional screening attempts to find the best system in tune with the muscular system and a person’s preferred foods. According to Michal, “We do not turn the diet upside down.” The patient gets the tools for a more manageable diet, so he or she may return home “not dependent on us.” The longest treatment for most people is a year; most are shorter.

Every practitioner gets some sort of treatment once a week. Reiki (“universal life energy” in Japanese), hands-on healing energy, is number one of their 20-some treatments. Acting toward harmony and balance of body, mind, and soul, it strengthens the immune and endocrine systems, brings deep relaxation, heals all kinds of sicknesses and mobilizes the body to heal itself. Camelot has taught the technique from ages 6 to 84.

Reiki is channeled through the healer, coming out of the healer’s palms into the receiver’s prone body. [I can attest to the results. Michal gave me a very gentle treatment: I could feel my blood flowing through my body, as I became totally relaxed.]

Camelot has developed a holistic approach for a complete diagnosis and treatment. If a patient is suffering from heart disease, Camelot will explore and identify the physical mental, emotional and spiritual causes that triggered the physical malady. Then a comprehensive solution takes into account the complete multidimensional human being. There may be emotional therapy, changes in lifestyle such as nutritional and exercise guidance, and a meditation style proven to help with heart problems. This unique approach enhances awareness and personal responsibility in the patient’s consciousness to promote the cooperation of the patient in the treatment procedure. Camelot has also treated cancer patients.

Michal’s coaching module uses deep Alpha and Theta meditative brainwave activity that has been designed to address mental and emotional challenges.  She has developed community programs, such as monthly guided meditation, to provide all members of the community with space to heal, grow, and quiet the mind. Michal presents free educational talks in child development centers, workout studios, and hospitals and works with adolescents and teenagers. She practices with patients throughout California and across the U.S. Michal is currently recording a meditation CD Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Sleep, and Well-Being.

Camelot Center is located at 1000 Fremont Ave., Suite 155, Los Altos, CA 94024; phone: (650) 949-3332; web: www.camelotcenter.com.

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