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Time to Recharge

Just before the plane takes off, the safety video comes on. The same video, the same message, none of us pay attention. However, hidden deep within the mundane video is a very important message: IN THE EVENT OF EMERGENCY, BE SURE TO FIRST PUT YOUR OXYGEN MASK ON AND THEN ATTEND TO ANY YOUNG CHILDREN ACCOMPANYING YOU.
  We have just come out of an extended pandemic. A year of challenge, exhaustion, and tough decisions. We made sacrifices, we changed the way we lived, we worked, we taught our kids, we cooked, we cleaned, we did everything, with very little support. We are exhausted. We are entitled to some time off.
    It’s exciting to be traveling, to be going on vacation, to leave our homes after spending so much time locked down. Traveling as a family comes with it’s own challenges. Remember that this is your vacation too, that some of the time spent resting and recharging belongs to you.
  A wise neighbor once kindly reminded me that we owe it our children to be as healthy as we can be. A great reminder. As healthy adults we are better equipped to deal with the challenges of parenting. We have the patience to answer questions thoughtfully. When we’re rested, we are more likely to take the time to play, to read, to interact, and to teach – to build those precious memories, making vacation time a delight.
  Those of your ancestors, explore, ask questions and grow together. In the words of Debbie Friedman, “May you be blessed as you go on your way…………”  

Sue Penn is the Director of Membership and Concierge Services at Temple Bat Yahm.  She has over 20 years of experience in our local Jewish community during which time she served as Chair of both the Orange County Jewish Educator Association and of the Reconstructionist Educators  of North America.


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