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To direct parents to little-known funding sources for college scholarships and college expenses, Jay Spencer has founded the Spencer College Plan, Solutions for College Funding.
The plan provides proven methods and the professional support one needs to send children to the college of their choice without sacrificing retirement savings.  A former pharmacist, Spencer has authored the report, Nine Ways to Beat the High Cost of College.  By helping to navigate through the difficult and often overwhelming financial aid process, students can gain the professional support needed.  “We are family based,” stated Spencer.  “My wife, Mimi, and I have faced these issues with our own children.  We have discovered that it is possible to send your child to an expensive private university for less out of pocket than a state school.”
A certified member of the National Association of College Funding Advisors, Spencer is dedicated and qualified to share vital resources and constant mentoring to provide students with the most current and accurate information to insure that applications are completed precisely and submitted on time.  Membership in this organization allows him to utilize technology that provides [up to the minute] information on more than 2,700 colleges and universities in the U.S.  According to Spencer, there are many little-known funding sources available even if the student does not qualify for “need”-based aid.
Spencer also offers assistance in cash-flow management.  In free seminars he advises, “Most financial advisors and CPAs have not been thoroughly trained in the coveted niche of college financial planning.  By using specially designed cash flow and college funding strategies, a NACFA Advisor is trained to help parents reduce their net out-of-pocket college costs and provide a working plan that directs them to resources available to pay whatever the schools don’t give in the form of financial aid.”
The student counseling program includes a personality profile evaluation and advanced search of careers, suggestions for majors and studies based on specific students’ interests.  They also include an innovative college search based on demographics and personalized areas of importance.
Personalized private student interviews have been designed by a Ph.D. and an M.I.T. graduate and former university professor, both of whom are well experienced in admission practices.  The interview will be conducted from among certified counselors, many of whom were previous admission officers at major universities across the country.  A written report will be provided to the parent and advisor, along with a summary of the interview and recommendations for the student.  Services include preparation for the SAT and/or ACT exams and assistance with essay writing.
To provide continuous and expert guidance through the many details of admission, Spencer College Plan has put together a highly credentialed team of student counselors positioned all over the country, holding degrees from prominent colleges and universities.  As a unique advantage, students can partner with a student counselor who is an expert in the area of their top college choice(s), giving the student an “insider’s” perspective of a particular school.  Counselors are equipped to answer questions about the campus atmosphere, tips for visiting the school or even about major corporations in the area that provide internships.
Spencer warns of approaches of scam artists who offer aid in obtaining acceptances to colleges and scholarships.  He advises parents not to pay a fee to apply for a scholarship or “application” or “processing.”  True loan and scholarship resources will never ask for money up front, he said.
“Beware of how much personal information you provide on a scholarship application.  All scholarships have an eligibility requirement – athletic, academic or minority status,” he advised.  No legitimate scholarship application requires a check, credit card or banking information.
“There is no such thing as a guaranteed scholarship,” was another warning.  All scholarships are extremely competitive.  Beware of fees asked for sending a report of so-called “guaranteed” scholarship opportunities.
He added, “Beware of any letter or phone call declaring you have been selected for any college to which you have not applied.  The common scenario is that you’re ‘awarded’ a scholarship, but you’re requested to pay ‘taxes’ or a ‘disbursement fee.’  Watch out for: ‘You can’t get this information anywhere else.’  Scholarships are not a secret.  No legitimate scholarship sponsor will align itself with any one scholarship matching service.”
The Spencer College Plan services include teleconferences, parent and student manuals, monthly e-letter, interactive online page for each student and copies of the Student Handbook for Success and College Admissions Boot Camp Handbook.”
Further information on the Spencer College Plan, 7071 Warner Ave., Suite F438, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, may be obtained by calling (800) 289-4461, e-mailing info@spencercollegeplan.com or visiting thespencercollegeplan.com.


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