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Welcome to Heritage Museum

0816heritagemuseumkidThe Heritage Museum is a cultural and natural history center dedicated to preserving, promoting, and restoring local history through hands-on education. It’s a place where time stands still, and kids can run around like it’s the turn of the 20th century. It also offers a variety of tours, exhibits, historical and cultural related events that make education fun. Here are just a few of the adventures that await.

Kellogg House

A tour of the historic 1898 Kellogg House. Students learn what life was like in the 1890s by playing with vintage toys, doing laundry, making butter, dressing up in Victorian costumes, and participating in other activities. The Kellogg House was designed by Hiram Clay Kellogg, and was built in 1898 and was moved to the museum grounds in 1981. It is now used for hands-on educational programs that serve nearly 18,000 school children each year. Two hours. Recommended for grades 1-5. $10 per/person & 10 person minimum.

Journey in Time

Students journey back in time by building on the Kellogg House program, with a visit to a working blacksmith shop, featuring members of the Orange County Blacksmith Guild, as well as a craft “quilt” project. Four hours, including a 30 min. lunch break. Recommended for grades 2-5. $15/person & 20 person minimum.

Great, Great Grandpa’s House

Designed exclusively for the youngest guests, this program encourages exploration and imaginative learning through memorable activities within the Kellogg House. One hour. Recommended for preschool through kindergarten. $8/person & 10 person minimum (add clothes washing activity for $1).

Gold Rush

Students can experience the journey to “The Golden State” by participating in interactive workshops and activities including panning for “souvenir gold.” Two hours. Recommended for grades 2-6. $13/person & 20 person minimum. (Extended Gold Rush options:  2.5 hrs, $15/person; 3.5 hrs, $17/person).

The Heritage Museum is located at 3101 W Harvard St., Santa Ana, CA. For more information please visit www.heritagemuseumoc.org.


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