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When It’s Time to Leave Home


WHEN A PARENT or elder relative can no longer live at home, the decision as to where he or she is to live can be very challenging. There are several residential complexes that offer seniors a place to be cared for while living a fulfilling life. One such place is Queens’ Home that offers two locations in Mission Viejo and provides “a unique approach to serving seniors who need help with daily living.”

The Queen’s Homes offer “skilled, competent, and caring personnel in a lovely, elegant traditional home setting designed to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Our assisted living homes are a great alternative to nursing homes, while still offering the additional services, assistance, and commitment to your loved one’s well-being” says Kathy Maghbouleh, Administrator.

“Welcome to your castle,” Maghbouleh says to all their residents. “In our home we treat everyone like royalty, we make sure that they feel they are in their own home from the 24 hour care and attention to a relaxing backyard. Our residents receive superior customer service, respectful personal assistance, enjoy meaningful activities and experience a feeling of security in a beautiful setting,” Maghbouleh added.

The goal of Queen’s Home is to convey a sense of “Freedom, Friendship and Family.” It takes an experienced staff of administrators and care givers with more than twelve years’ experience caring for those with Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinson, stroke, and all other ailments that do not require round the clock skilled nursing.

“Our staff-to-patient ratio is 1:3,” says Maghbouleh, “and we offer 3 nutritious meals that cater to the specific dietetic needs and as many snacks as our residents would like.” The homes also offer daily activities, physical therapy, spiritual and religious services, and much more!

For those who can no longer live at home, the Queen’s Homes provide a truly comfortable environment. The homes are located in quiet, upscale residential neighborhoods that have a home-like feeling and are equipped with security systems that have ADA standard bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. They also provide linens, daily cleaning supplies and whole house cleaning services.

To add to the home-like feeling, residents and family members can furnish and decorate their rooms as they wish. Private and semi-private rooms are available.

The dignity of residents is a high priority and so personal care services that include assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, laundry and linen services are provided while residents maintain as much dignity and independence in their daily activities as possible.

The daughter of another resident says what she likes “about Queen’s home and the staff there is how they make the residents feel like they are a part of a family. They are sure to take care of everything they can from picking up medication to consistently monitoring the health of my father. They are sure to keep all the residents occupied by planning different activities throughout the day. They even had a birthday party for him.”

And perhaps that is why Queen’s Homes stand out from the traditional residential facility – they have been designed to replicate the home environment – from their locations to their décor.

“We also provide respite care, adult day care, rehabilitation care, short-term, or long-term care,” said Maghbouleh.

Should your loved ones need to stay for just a weekend, a few days during the week or longer, Queen’s Homes can accommodate them.  Or you can bring him/her for just daycare to best suit your time with peace of mind.

“The Queen’s Home mission is to assure the peace of mind and enjoyment of life to the fullest by providing personalized attention and supportive care while maintaining privacy, dignity, and individualism.”

“We can help as much, or as little as needed. You choose. We provide.”

Rabbi Florence L. Dann, Beit Sefer Director of Temple Beth Israel of Pomona has been a contributing writer to Jlife since 2004.


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