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Your Parent’s New Home

Bubbe and Zayde’s Place is a residential care facility for the elderly.  Commonly referred to as a board and care, the average home houses six residents.  In our homes we have three live-in companions per house, additional day staff, a nurse, an activity director, volunteers and synagogue leadership.  We have a physician who comes to the home and a podiatrist who visits regularly.
The house becomes “home” for each person, and residents and the staff quickly become family.  In our homes you will see everyone sitting together in the family room.  Ice cream or chips and dip will be on the coffee table.  The live-in caregivers will be sitting between two residents.  This is a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
In the morning, breakfast is served and medications given and recorded.  Everyone may help set the table or fold laundry.  Your parent is in an environment with other people around.  There is always someone to talk to.
A board and care facility is licensed by the state and has strict guidelines to follow.  An ombudsman also visits regularly to see how everyone is doing.  Our homes also have a dementia and hospice waiver, so your parent may not have to move again.
At Bubbe and Zayde’s Place, we have weekly and daily activities.  We have synagogue services every Friday led by a wonderful group of people, followed by a Shabbat meal.  We celebrate all Jewish holidays, and our homes are kosher.  Your parent is treated like our parent.  We do everything possible to make our seniors feel loved, useful and at home.
A home such as ours helps the family tremendously.  You no longer have to worry: did mom or dad take medication today?  Is the stove turned off?  Is my parent lonely or bored?  There are so many demands on the family, who simply cannot do it all.  There is help out there.  At Bubbe and Zayde’s Place, you can move in with only your clothes, or bring something special filled with memories.  Our home is your home.
As our population ages, it is imperative that you prepare for the changes brought about by living longer.  Don’t feel guilty or helpless.  Instead, look at the wonderful places that do exist.  Look for quality.  Your parent deserves it, and so do you.  Just think about what your parent has lived through.  Honor your mother and your father.  It’s one of the Ten Commandments.  A

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