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Joe Biden’s Hostility To Israel Is Undeniable

With Friends Like Joe …

I have some questions.
    On Oct.  8, did you think that Israel would have withdrawn two and a half divisions of its soldiers from northern Gaza while Hamas continues to launch attacks into Israel from areas formerly controlled by the Israeli Defense Forces?
    Would you have thought that over 100,000 Israeli evacuees of the north and south would still be refugees in their own country AFTER those divisions of soldiers were evacuated from the theater of war?
    Did you think that Israel would allow regular attacks on Jews from Hezbollah in northern Israel? 
    Did you think that since 10/7 Israel would allow 2,600 attacks on Jews by Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria? And did you think the media would have reported this as “settler violence” blaming Jews?
    Would you have thought that 136 Israeli hostages would still be in captivity this far into the war?
    Or that Israel would have chosen not to engage Hezbollah to destroy its estimated 150,000 missiles pointed at Northern Israel, even after it fired a cruise missile at a Jewish home, murdering a mother and her son?
    I could go on.
    If you are as shocked as I am by all this, you should also be able to accept that the reason is the Israeli government’s bizarre predilection to do as told by the United States. And when I say, “the United States,” I mean Joe Biden and the Biden administration.
    Joe Biden is, unlike the wishful narrative that has been in place since Oct. 7, not supporting Israel, not a friend of Israel, and not a friend of the Jewish people.
    This is not a “Democrat vs. Republican” issue, but an issue of how much more suffering and death (G-d forbid) are Jews supposed to tolerate?
    In the aftermath of the worst attack on our people since the Holocaust, we are witnessing a historic global resurgence of antisemitism, while America demands that the people responsible for those attacks be rewarded with a state, while drawing a moral equivalence between both the suffering of Jews after 10/7 and Arabs experiencing the aftereffects of their support of Hamas and Palestinian terrorism.
    That moral equivalence extends to the United States Secretary of State comparing the intransigence and behavior of Palestinians to that of Israelis post 10/7.
    That is in addition to the usual patronizing, demeaning and dangerous lecturing of Israel by the United States.
    Israel is a sovereign nation with a more than 3,500-year history. Our culture is one of the oldest on this planet. Without it, Western Civilization would be unimaginable. Yet we sit here, day after day, listening to Washington lecture Jerusalem as though the singular Jewish state was a misbehaving child.
    Joe Biden has engaged in this repeatedly in his endless warnings to Israel that it heed “international norms,” “the rule of law” and “rules of warfare,” as though Israel is not the Middle East’s only democracy, but the cartoonish monster depicted by dishonest progressives and other Hamas enthusiasts. Israel does more to protect “civilian” life than it should. If you disagree with that statement, then you must at least acknowledge the hypocrisy of America constantly admonishing Israel not to engage in behavior that it does not display, but America routinely does (as it did continually in Iraq and Afghanistan).
    For the record, I have zero problem with America fighting a war, even if that war requires World War II levels of destruction. When you’re fighting evil, as I said in a previous column, it must be wiped out completely.
    Israel is attempting to wipe out a despicable evil. Constant lectures by Biden and his administration only demonstrate that Israel is protecting America (and the West) far more than America is protecting Israel.
    It is obvious that the antisemitic American far left is a thorn in Biden’s side, not because he loves Israel, but because in 2024 he cannot appease the Hamas-loving far left, and keep the usual massive donations rolling in from normative Israel-loving Democrats. Victory in Gaza is no longer compatible with his desired victory in 2024’s presidential election.
    One of his favorite maneuvers since the war in Gaza began has been to send surrogates, namely Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, to Israel to lecture Israelis like they are wayward children who just won’t do what’s good for them, as though it were the wicked child of the Passover Haggadah.
    Most recently, Blinken was in Israel on Jan. 9. It was his fifth trip to Israel since the war began. His main purpose was to push Israel for an “imminent transition” to the “next phase” of the war.  Very tellingly, he also reportedly demanded that Israel surrender, telling Benjamin Netanyahu that there was “no military solution to Hamas.”
    In other words, Israel, a sovereign nation with the most to lose, is being told (yet again) how to conduct a war that it, and it alone, knows best how to fight. It is important to note that Biden himself has been pushing Israel to “scale down” the war on Hamas since last year.
    As for the idea of the “next phase,” that decision should be up to Israel’s military experts (the kind that actually have the stomach for victory) and the War Cabinet. The ONLY goal should be total victory.
    As my WWII veteran father would have said: “Who the hell is Antony Blinken to be lecturing the Israelis about how they fight a war???”
    I agree with you, Dad.
    Blinken began his remarks by comparing the suffering of Israeli hostages held captive by Hamas to the suffering of Gazan families because of the war. The moral idiocy of that comparison should be obvious. But perhaps the fact that over 70% of Gazans supported violent acts against Jews before the war; after the atrocious acts of Oct. 7, a full 74% of Palestinians in Judea/Samaria and Gaza supported the attacks, while 98% felt “pride” in the war, and 77% wanted to “destroy Israel” for a Palestinian state, cements that point.
    In addition, hundreds of Gazans, not part of Hamas, took part in the attacks on our people. As a former hostage put it, “Innocent civilians were involved in every phase” of the October massacre.
    Blinken drawing a moral equivalence between the suffering Jewish hostages and the suffering of Gazans should make a moral person sick. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Blinken never mentioned the sexual assault, starvation and torture of Israeli hostages.
    Instead, he commented on the “acute food insecurity” of Gazans.
    He went on to demand that Israel continue to ensure that “aid” gets to Gaza. Keep in mind that this “aid” includes the food and fuel that allow Hamas to continue operating their rat’s nests, I mean tunnels, in which they continue to hold Israeli hostages and attack IDF soldiers. The aid in question is distributed by UNRWA, a United Nations agency run almost entirely by … Hamas.
    In fact, a UNRWA employee was credibly accused of holding one of the hostages. This is in addition to tunnels found under UNRWA schools, and weapons found in UNRWA classrooms. Its directors are all Hamas operatives.
    Blinken even praised the agency: “The United Nations is playing an indispensable role in addressing the immense humanitarian needs in Gaza. There is simply no alternative. … U.N. personnel … in Gaza are demonstrating extraordinary courage by continuing to provide lifesaving services in what are extremely challenging conditions.”
    A second, almost as atrocious low point in his speech was his reiteration of Biden administration policy that Israel not allow Gazans to leave Gaza. In what war is the population of the war-torn country not allowed to leave? Much like the U.N. has been falsely claiming refugee status for Palestinians for 75 years so that they can continue to be used as political pawns, the United States’ refusal to allow Gazans to leave serves only one purpose: to make it harder for Israel to “de-Nazify” the radicalized Palestinian population, to allow whatever remains of Hamas to survive, and to add fuel to its obsession with a “two-state solution.”
    The U.S. wants all areas depopulated because of the war to be repopulated, thereby making it impossible for Israel to repopulate its southern towns/cities. So effectively, a security zone with Gaza would mean a reduction in Israel’s territory.
    Blinken also demanded that no action be taken in the North against Hezbollah, effectively turning Northern Israel into a similar security zone, precluding 80,000 Israelis there from returning to their homes.
    Lastly, he invoked the atrocious line about a “cycle of violence” and reaffirmed the administration’s demand for a “two-state solution.”
    It’s not a “cycle of violence” when thousands of animalistic, sub-human monsters murder, brutally rape and mutilate thousands of civilians, followed by a war targeting those responsible for the atrocities. And, at this point does anyone seriously believe that a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, in the heart of central Israel, plus territory in Gaza, wouldn’t be a death sentence for Jews?
    More recently, Blinken was in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. While there, he was interviewed by the New York Times’ resident Israel hater, Thomas Friedman. Incredibly, Blinken seemed to say that the Israelis of today are the terroristic Palestinians of yesterday:
    “The profound difference now, I think, is in the mindset of leaders throughout the Arab world and in Muslim countries, and in a way it’s a reversal, it’s a flip, as you know so well better than anyone. When in previous times we came close to resolving the Palestinian question, getting a Palestinian state, I think the view then—Camp David, other places—was that Arab leaders, Palestinian leaders, had not done enough to prepare their own people for this profound change. I think a challenge now, a question now: Is Israeli society prepared to engage on these questions? Is it prepared to have that mindset?”
    Did you get that? After thousands of Israelis were murdered, raped, mutilated, and wounded, America’s Secretary of State is blaming Israel for not being as “gracious” as the Arabs who murdered us for decades before 10/7? Israel, after decades of giving up territory, not utterly destroying Hamas and Hezbollah, not attacking Iran and its proxies (another demand of the Biden administration), prioritizing civilian life at the cost of IDF soldiers, and while 136 Israelis are still being held hostage and brutalized, is not doing enough. 
    Some friend to Israel.
Lest you want to separate Blinken’s words and policy from Biden, remember that the secretary of state is the nuanced voice of the president and is directly representing his policy.
    Obviously, Biden and his surrogates want a Palestinian state, no matter the cost. A state which would be yet one more vassal of Iran (which is a subject for another article), allowing it to become the major power in the region. Is that what you want on the border of Jerusalem, miles from Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Netanya and dozens of other Jewish population centers?
    The cost to Israel, the Jewish people and all civilized people would be massive.
    Never give in. Never give up.
    Am Yisrael Chai. 

Joshua Namm is a longtime Jewish community pro, passionate Israel advocate, and co-founder/co-CEO of Moptu, a unique social platform designed specifically for article sharing and dedicated to the principle of free speech.


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